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Bharatpur, located in the state of Rajasthan, India, is a popular tourist destination known for its rich history and wildlife. The city is renowned for Keoladeo National Park, also known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Here's some information about Bharatpur and the tours you can explore.

Keoladeo National Park

The main attraction in Bharatpur is Keoladeo National Park, a paradise for bird lovers. The park is home to over 350 species of birds, including migratory birds that visit during the winter months. You can take guided tours or hire a cycle rickshaw to explore the park and observe the diverse birdlife.

Lohagarh Fort

Another prominent attraction in Bharatpur is Lohagarh Fort, meaning the "Iron Fort." This historic fort was built in the 18th century and is known for its strong defense architecture. Inside the fort, you can explore various structures like Kishori Mahal, Mahal Khas, and Moti Mahal. The fort offers a glimpse into the rich history of the region.

Deeg Palace

Located around 32 kilometers from Bharatpur, Deeg Palace is worth a visit. It was the summer resort of the rulers of Bharatpur and showcases stunning architecture and beautiful gardens. The palace is known for its intricate frescoes, pavilions, and fountains.

Government Museum

If you are interested in history and art, the Government Museum in Bharatpur is a must-visit. The museum houses a rich collection of artifacts, sculptures, coins, and paintings, providing insights into the region's cultural heritage.

Bharatpur Palace

Situated in the heart of Bharatpur, the Bharatpur Palace is a magnificent structure that blends Mughal and Rajput architectural styles. The palace showcases a museum displaying antiques, royal belongings, and historical artifacts.

Local Cultural Tours

Bharatpur offers an opportunity to experience the vibrant Rajasthani culture. You can take cultural tours to explore the local markets, interact with artisans, witness traditional folk dances and music performances, and savor delicious Rajasthani cuisine.

It is advisable to plan your visit to Bharatpur during the winter months (November to February) when the weather is pleasant and the migratory birds are in abundance. There are several tour operators and guides available in Bharatpur who can assist you in organizing tours and providing more information about the attractions and activities in the region.

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